We're closed!



If you're here looking for the Old Farts With Guitars forum, please be advised that it is no longer supported. It's not closed, but it is no longer being maintained.


If you want to visit the forum archive to check on previous posts, <CLICK HERE>


Thank you to all the supportive members of this forum for the last year and a half. Sadly, I have neglected it and without an enthusiastic host, it more or less has turned a bit mouldy.


I can be found on the BGU Forum. If you're a member, see you there. If you're not, why don't you slide on over to Blues Guitar Unleashed and pick up one of Griff Hamlin's fine blues guitar courses. Then join the BGU forum! It's a great place, full of very supportive people.


Thanks again ladies and gentlemen. It's been fun.


Best regards to you all,

Lloyd Hanson <Paparaptor>